Grievance is an interactive story about power. The limits of power, its corrosive nature, and the damage that power inflicts, deliberate or otherwise, on all those without it.

Follow the lives of three characters as their paths cross and untangle over the course of the story: the aging farmer Cole, the faithful knight Hiram, and the royal heiress Sera.

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great short story! love the concept and the use of ink to bring a sense of interactivity into the text.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it


After some choices the story just stops for me and I have no option to continue on. 

Deleted 25 days ago
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I think I found that bug and it should be resolved now. Thanks!

Found a lot of missing last letters in some words + some minor grammar mistakes. I think you should rewrite the dialog options to be in one particular style - they are a bit messy.

But I liked the story a lot. The general idea is great and I loved your structure. Definitely want to try Ink now!:)

Thank you so much for the feedback! Ink was a great tool for this. I'll take a look at those typos

how do i get this to run in browser

It should run automatically I believe. Your browser version may be causing errors.